It was Monday afternoon and I decided to stay inside the library of our school since my next and last class will be at the evening and I have nowhere to go. This time gap of my MWF schedule is so suck. I have five hours interval before the next class. I did not choose this schedule. My planned schedule was very smooth that I thought that will happen but it has not. I don’t think I will be blaming myself for this what I did was right but there is nothing I can do to change the schedule now and my subjects are all majors and I have to follow that, despite that I don’t like. Yes, there has been a change to the schedule given to us during the enrollment period and it was so easy for them to say that it has been rescheduled. That is why i got a longer time to relax. Anyway, it has also advantages: I can make my assignments during the time and If we will be having productions that would be so useful. Somehow sometimes the time is so dragging.

While I was inside the library I noticed there is that plant I don’t know what plant is that but I think my grandmother knows it because she got a lot of plants and others I don’t know their name and species but that was before, before my grandfather died. After that, she goes away and rarely visits the house where my grandpa and she used to live before. Since then, no one maintains the house and her plants were already dead and gone.  My grandma has her own life now and from what she told us, she lives in a boarding house that no one knows where but I don’t think she lives alone. Anyway, I just don’t know the name of the plant. It’s tall, skinny stem and has some yellow and green leaves.

It was not unusual for me to seeing plants inside the room cause our house and my grandpa’s house has also plants inside our house. A little time I asked myself, “Why would people use to place plants inside the house and room?” but then, I used to answer myself that maybe they are used for decoration. Another answer, plants could give oxygen to the people and that plants could carry the carbon dioxide that people release from the body. Thanks to my science teacher I still remember this stuff. But then I thought plants would also be needing sunlight for their process? Why would people place plants inside the room when it can’t reach sunlight? With this thinking, I have thought of things….

People are usually selfish, maybe naturally born selfish. They just want what’s good for them and not good for the others. Even we won’t admit it… it is so evident that a person himself needs to survive alone. I mean, that whatever other would help only himself can sustain his own life. There has been a lot of saying that even if you have others around you but you need time also for yourself. I believe in the saying goes “You alone” because despite the problems and what others would suggest to do, in the end it is you who will make a stand not the other, it is you who shape you and not the others. With this, it only tells that man born alone himself and he needs to survive and some ways he must be selfish in order to survive. I don’t mean to sound self-loathing or hating people and I am not forgetting the fact that I am also a person and a man. I also need to survive for my own sake and not for the other’s sake. Thus, I am also a naturally born selfish.

I also relate myself to the plant inside the room because… sometimes I feel like I am so lonely in spite the people like friends and family who are around me and there to support me. But, it seems like there is something lacking deep within me that I don’t know. I can’t still figure out. Like the plant inside the room it is alright when you see it but I know deep inside it is not, because there is something that it lacks and that is the sunlight. But who place himself inside that room? It is not the plant himself but the people or somebody placed that plant there. I can feel what plant’s feel… he needs to reach that sunlight and he needs to feel it. He wanted to get out from that place but he can’t because he knew that somebody would need him. He chose to stay inside despite it is unusual for him. He chose to give what he can give to other despite that they can’t give what he needs. He chose to let that thing be as is. He chose to sacrifice. I feel the plant inside the room I pity for him and I pity for myself for being the plant inside the room away from what I need.


Cosplay for a Cause: It’s Not Only about Costumes and Make-Ups.


photo credits to Dianne Marie Echizen- Escaño

If you think Cosplay is just about wearing costumes and make-ups or merely imitating a cartoon or anime character; or you maybe think of joining cosplay events only because of the entertainment and prizes it could give, then, what you are thinking is erroneous. You are judging the book by only its cover!

“Cosplay expo and summit that we do is always for a cause”, an event organizer of the upcoming Mindanao Cosplay Summit and founder of the AMBOX Davao (a non-profit events’ organizers related to anime, manga and Japanese pop culture), Mary Joy Nakata said. “We sacrifice our time and spend our own money, but it is all worth it because it is for the good”.

It is for the good because through these events able cosplay enthusiasts to bond others with the same interest, which is cosplay. And these cosplayers form their own group to establish their own mark such as Akatsuki, Naruto lovers, etc. It knows no social class since everyone can join whether poor, average or wealthy as long as one knows and can identify his character.

Additionally, it ables to educate the enthusiasts and also the common people of the real essence and roles of being a cosplayer because these days many individuals have a tendency to misinterpret it: giving only a definition of a cosplay as an entertainment medium but not as a helpful medium.

“That is why we do not announce prizes and special awards ahead of time because we don’t want them to join just because of those prizes, rather, we want them to join because cosplay is their hobby”, Nakata said making clear the importance of cosplay. This is also a message she wanted to relay to the people especially to the enthusiasts who will be joining.

Basically, cosplay comes from the words “costume” and “play”, is an art developed by a person himself as a form of hobby. A cosplayer imitates his or her favorite cartoon or anime character and doing this, need not to have an event, stage or audience because it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, if a person started cosplay at very young age, there is a tendency he or she will become more responsible and more successful; and based from their observations, more than ninety percent (90%) of the participants of the events are all graduates from school and evidently become more responsible to their work field. Hence, every cosplay activity becomes a tool to help enthusiasts to build up their self-confidence and be independent persons.

“It enhances their social skills, it enhances their creativity”, Nakata added. With the series of activities such as competitions and workshops in every expo and summit, it is always positive to achieve this same purpose.

Some of the competitions to enhance the participants’ social skills are: costume display where participant ramps on the stage and show off his costume; and a minute performance where a participant imitates the action of his portraying character in the particular scene. Meanwhile, to enhance the creativity of the participant, it also includes costume making competition.

Every activity organized is primarily financed by the organizers and volunteers themselves but eventually, they are sponsored by SM Davao. “SM produce but we (organizers and some volunteers) put our ends to this”, Mary Joy said.

Luckily, this coming October 27 to 28, this year, they will be holding their fifth year Cosplay event, the first Mindanao Cosplay Summit, where winners from different places outside Davao and the participants in the city will compete each other. It is free of registration fee, no age limit and open to all cosplay enthusiasts. Organizers of this event may be contacted through their facebook page that is AMBOX DAVAO.

Cosplay, indeed, is not just entertainment or about costumes and make-ups nor glitters and glamour but it gives an enthusiast a new venue of his life to be more responsible and to be more skillful, which is the primary cause of the event. What we might be seldom thinking of cosplay is just the surface of it but not deep and underneath and it is just like we judge only the cover of the book but failed to read the content.

a little unforgettable experience


“Life is full of unending surprises,” the phrase that I really like about life. It simply tells that we could never predict what life will lead us especially when we are getting busy. Surprises we will never know may lead us to be happy or may lead us to be sorrow until we experienced it. But whatever life may takes us we must stay faithful to God for He, the Creator, owns every little thing we see in this world, that our lives were once His wonderful creation among all. So one should posses love and respect before others, our own self first.

Life may starts when our hearts got its own beat even when we are still in our mother’s womb. Then, we were born and got conscious from our surroundings, just like a baby whose first time to see the sun as it shines, experience also begins. Experience will be with our side forever as long as we live and feel.  Some says that experience is the best teacher and I certainly no doubt about it. For I also experienced things in this life even when I started to speak and to walk, experience goes with it.

I can even remember when I had my first time to be embarrassed when I fell at the ground or even when I was sick and got fainted at school. In my life, every moment of it, I treasure as an unforgettable experience but there are just those moments in our lives to be remarked because, we thought, they are worth to remember especially when those moments brought us some lessons to our lives and mold us to be a better person and that is I called experienced people and some of them are good advisers and successors in life. Anyway, experiences   were not always good as it seems, sometimes, it is too painful. Even me, just recently had this unforgettable experiences I still remember throughout this time.


This had happened last January 27, 2011, when I loaned a book from the library, a fiction book which I really love to read when I’m in my leisure moments. I had borrowed it for five days and this day I managed to return it to a staff in the library. When I got home and after I had taken my sleep for almost four hours I usually went to the kitchen and made some coffee for myself then I went outside, the evening seems so cold and it was fifteen minutes after seven. While sipping the coffee and thinking about the books that I will be borrowed next time in the library, my eyes began to hurt and I almost faint. I spoke to my mind “Oh God, I wish I am wrong. It’s in that bag, I know.” Then I hurriedly went upstairs to my room and started to inspect my bag if it was really there but “God, it’s not here! It’s inside that book that I had borrowed and returned this afternoon. My father’s ATM card is there inside it!” I almost yelled inside my room and I went crazy and cried. I really do not know what to do, it was like I could not breathe, my heart was beating faster and my mind was drifting away.

A moment later I finally decided to go back to school after I had taken on my uniform back without asking permission from my parents. It was thirty minutes after seven and the library will be closing at exactly eight p.m. I quickly ran as far as I could because there was no time to waste and our house was quite far from the main road where jeepneys can be ridden on. While travelling on a jeepney, I was saying words and praying to God to please help me “God, I am so sorry I was so stupid, I didn’t realize before I had returned that book.” And then I started to cry thinking that if I could not find ATM card I will be dead. My parents will kill me with their words because I was so stupid and irresponsible and also because my sister will send my allowance tomorrow in that ATM. Now, could I tell my parents about it? What if somebody loaned that book already and I could never find it? What if—

I stopped and thought about the Bible verse saying: Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. I know God cares about me. I undoubtedly trust Him and worshipped Him. “I know I can find it,” I said with great confidence. When I arrived at school, my heart beats fast. It was five minutes after eight in the evening. I hurriedly went on in the library for they will be closing now or sooner. “Thanks God” I said when I saw there were still people inside the library. There were library assistants who were about to leave and then I approached and cried in front a woman to let me find that fiction book that I had returned that afternoon. She was shocked and then she helped me find it but she said to me that it was maybe loaned by some student because it was not already in their desk or maybe it was already placed in the shelf of fiction books. So I hurriedly went on that shelf and inspect every corners and layers of the shelf and suddenly the woman helped me find it. She also asked me what is in there inside it because she told me I looked pale and I told her everything.

A moment later I had recognized a color the book and I took it. It was the climax part because I was not really sure if that card was there inside it. I nervously scanned every pages of the book and she seems so frightened. Fortunately, I saw a blue plastic in rectangular shape stocked between pages.

“It’s here! It’s here!” I cried and jumped of too much happiness and nervousness. The girl who helped was also shocked and told me to stay calm.

I have felt the relief when I already rode on the jeepney headed home. I sincerely thank God for making this situation through and even though I was so irresponsible I made to find a solution. “I will be careful and never be irresponsible next time” I said when I stepped down from the jeepney.

Eventually, while walking home, my mind was in conscious again and I later composed a simple phrase in my mind about how the Lord teaches us a thing or two. From my experience, I can say if it is not because of Him I could never realized that I had committed something wrong. Later on, when I contextualized, it goes like this:

If it is not with the Lord,

We can never say there is a war

We live in a life that is full of danger.


If it is not with the Lord,

We can never comprehend

We pass by and do not care at all.


If it is not with the Lord,

We can never say we did mistakes

We live in a life bounded with sins.


If it is not with the Lord,

We can never say that life is beautiful

Without recognizing how magnificent the sun is.


If it is not with the Lord,

We live and we die for nothing

Because we live with full of regrets.


If it is not with the Lord,

We can never realize a thing or two

We could never run and cry with worries.


If it is not with the Lord,

We can never be successful

Because He is the nothing, anything, something

And the source of everything.

The next day, I went back to the library and the girl who helped me last night was there in her desk. I decided to go to the fiction shelf to look another book to borrow. Suddenly, the girl went to me and told me that the book I had borrowed last time was already loaned by someone early in that morning. Eventually, I had realized how lucky I was for I had taken an action before everything was too little too late. If I had just let that book be there until this morning I will never know if I could take my father’s ATM card back.


You can never tell how important thing is in the first time until it was gone. By then, a person must take an action to his problem. Sometimes, problems need an immediate action because you can never say that tomorrow will be same as today. From my experience, I can also tell that I am so lucky because I had taken that back before others may take it. With these, it teaches me to be more careful in my actions and be responsible to every little thing and of course, to be more faithful and trust to the Lord.


As a sum-up of everything, life has never been easy sometimes it is too painful but one must grow up and accept it. It also proves that life is full of unending surprises and whatever it will be just go with it but always remember that He owns everything even us and even little thing we see so never lose a single trust.


LOVE. It is the most beautiful thing, to love and to be loved by someone. But what really love is? According from the Wikipedia, love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. In religious context, love is not just a virtue, but also the basis for all being and the foundation for all divine laws. This would mean that love is all about goodness. But why love can tear a person apart?

Love can give us inspiration, it is a feeling mostly we felt when we are in-loved to somebody else. It is a good feeling that bears within us, we may felt first to be loved by our parents and as we go along, it will expand and the love we had grows and matures. The emotion of strong affection may also have its disadvantages or bad effects. A person who exceedingly in-loved to someone can cause heartsick if she/he may not felt the same way. Love is not all-real love, it sometimes infatuation. Attracted only to someone’s physical attribute. It may also lead to selfishness because it tends to own someone or something. The Distraction of feelings due to love deficiencies that can hurt someone if he or she loving so much, according to According from, love has a huge effect to the internal workings in our body or can control the bodily systems. If love may negative or it is busted can weaken a person’s mind as well as the body.

It really just depends to a person on how he or she shows love. Love according to the Bible, it must share. It can never be deprived. Love is all about acceptance and understanding. It never looks to one’s deficiencies. Love can never be hidden and selfish. For love can control a person but a person can never control love.